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Market leaders call Darius the"Instagram Wizard " or the"Hardcore Instagram Scientist". Through producing 1000+ pieces of content and reaching out to millions worldwide (even from just one post), he developed a system to help his clients become the go to expert in their market.

In just 1.5 years, he has grown a following of 250,000 people. As a proven Instagram Strategist, he is known for attracting clients without spending on ads. His proven track record of generating 6 figures for his clients & himself has captured the attention and respect of top entrepreneurs & leaders, landing on multiple platforms like  The Speakers Life, Authority Project, Learning With Young Leaders, The Growth Zone and many others.

But none of those “bragging rights” really matter much to Darius. See… the real reason why many people seek him out isn't just those things. Darius real gift for everyone, including you, is his 5E Unlimited Attraction Method™. Every move that you make on social media will undoubtedly be a step in the framework.

He and his team, BrandChanger are on a mission to amplify your message across the globe. While tons of businesses focus on profits, the team focuses on not just profits, but impact and fulfilment. His vision is to develop 100 Thought Leaders that impact 100,000 people daily by 2030.

Join Other High Performing Coaches/Consultants

Real People, Real Results

In this call, we help you get you stuck to unstuck and moving forward. Through this call, you'll walk away understanding
  • The Key Challenges You Have To Overcome
  • The Number 1 Costly Mistake That You're Making
  • What's Stopping You From Your Next Step & How You Can Move Forward


“I felt like a fish out of the water on Instagram but you gave me a roadmap and moved really quick. Darius gave me clarityPeople are joining webinars and opting in, which is a precursor for sales. For those don't want to join webinars, read books, you have a team here filled with the resources you need.”

Generated $43 million in sales As A Speaker
partnered with russell brunson & Dan kennedy

""Greatest difference is you guys put in a lot of effort testing out these things by yourselves, it's not just theoretical, but practical and grounded in reality. There's no reason why the system won't work. So now I know how to use just a few hours every month to create one month's worth of engaging content."

Business coach & Ex Vodien CEO 
sold his business for $30 million at the age of 33.

"1 week after the class, we closed a $13,000 sale, As long as you follow the system they've created, content is a breeze. When they tell you they'll deliver A, they'll deliver A,B,C all the way to Z"

Co-Founder Of DigitaChrome

"If you're looking for a training that's not just the rehash things, but something that is unique, with a fresh perspective that is backed with facts with his own testing, work with Darius & Kayden. They are masters at their craft."

Certified Speaking Professional (Top 12% In The World)
Growth Advisor Who Helped 100s Of Financial Advisor To Achieve MDRT

"They are really thought leaders in Instagram. They make the entire content creation process so enjoyable. The concepts and strategies they taught can use not only in Instagram but across other platforms as well."

Storytelling Coach
Speaker to MNCs in over 10 countries

"I made $9,000 after learning from them. I thought I knew everything about Instagram, but there are so many blind-spots I've missed and you can never get it else where. The minute I took Darius & Kayden words to action, I see leads coming in."

Founder & Principal Coach of Calibrate Academy

"After executing whatever you've taught, in just 3 days, I 4x of what I've paid to learn. I regret not meeting you earlier if not I will have much more successes now."

Financial Advisor

"I got 11 more long term clients in 2 month! Darius & Kayden are true practitioners and experts on this Instagram space. If I don't know about them, I will be going off to the wrong direction and it'll be detrimental to my personal branding on social media."

Founder & Educator of Paradigm Edu

"Hundreds of leads from a few posts! I've been using IG for a long time but I never knew so deep and strategic like you. The things you all do are very unique. The systems & strategies that you guys shared can be applied to other platforms as well. If you need personalised feedback and action plan for your growth & generation of leads & sales, this is for you!"

Founder & Coach of Master Implementers

"Closed a $3,500 retainer from your method. It's a lifesaver for me, I don't have to do content everyday. Some coaches keep back information to themselves, but they really give their 100% and overdelivered what we paid for."

Co-Founder Of DigitaChrome

"I could reposition on Instagram, 6x my pricing and close the deal 2 weeks after working with you. Every session is so mind-blowing. Unlike other programs , this program provide me personalized solutions & strategies,.You put everything into a system and just left with us applying and following through, simple."

Founder & coach of

"You guys are very hands-on & practical. The system you guys gave help me to move and send out the right message. So I tested that out, and from that message alone, immediately I got a pair of siblings signing up for the classes."

Science Educator 
Parent Whisperer Followed by Thousands of Parents

"Darius and Kayden gave me the entire roadmap on Instagram and also the ability to build a system on it. The program is priceless"

6 Figures Digital Marketer

“I was lost on Instagram and I didn’t know what to do. Now, I am clear as I have a step by step way to grow a profitable following on Instagram."

6 Figures E-Commerce Owner

"The strategies to find a relevant hashtag, the plan and framework was fantastic. I love that. The program can help people start their Instagram more effectively."

President of Elken Global,
Network Marketing Leader

"Not everybody will talk about the algorithm & technical stuff that goes behind Instagramunless you've tested and tried all of them."

Makeup Artist

"Coming to this class really shorten the time taken for me and also a jumpstart to succeed on Instagram"

Founder Of Boring Interior Solutions


  • You don't have a consistent flow of leads, and you're terrified it won't last.
  • ​You struggle to generate leads and convert them into high-paying customers.
  • You need more clarity on your Instagram roadmap.
  • You are stuck with content ideas.
  • ​You are confused by all of the "noise" and conflicting advice.
  • ​You are looking to reduce the cost per lead.
  • ​You want to generate leads without relying on paid ads.
  • ​You would love to have a system so that growth becomes predictable, consistent, and increasing EVERY month.
  • ​You need someone who has "been there, done that" to help and show you a clear path to client attraction on Instagram

If this sounds like you, you have two options. First option, you can apply a FREE BrandChanger Strategy session with me, where I personally spend half an hour with you identifying your blindspots and formulating a plan to solve it.

OR, read The Bridging Message™ which details one of the key component in the BrandChanger Blueprint™ that our clients use to generate leads through their Instagram and secure a sale in under a week.

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  • Wants nothing but the best for your clients

Then BrandChanger masterclass is designed to adapt to the current Instagram flood that is going on right now. Click the button below to safeguard your brand & business.