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The Current Social Media Flood Is An Untapped Leverage That Will Differentiate Yourself From The Market And Attract More Clients To You During This Pandemic.

And You’ll Even Thank Yourself 5 Years Down The Road For Doing This Because You’ll Have More Influence, Impact And Income Than Ever In A Competitive Digitalized World.
Yes, It Is Indeed A Bold Claim, So Let’s Just Hear What Others Have Said About This Leverage Because Self-Proclamation Is Worth Nothing.

From: Darius Tan
Dear Fellow Coaches & Consultants,
Only read on if you’re a coach or consultant who is...

Passionate in mastering your craft
Dedicated to serving your clients at the highest level
Committed to do whatever it takes for excellence
In the market for the long term so you can be the best

If you don’t believe in any of those 4 traits, you can kindly leave this page as this isn’t for you.
And if you want to differentiate yourself from an oversaturated market so you can attract more clients… then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Here's Why...

When I started out my coaching business, I just left as a coach & program director of an 8-figure training company. I always dreamt of being a peak performance coach, just like Tony Robbins. 

Although I had past experience and results, nobody trusted me, and I couldn’t differentiate myself from the oversaturated market.

I was getting myself down and dirty by cold calling, emailing, connecting with random people on social media just in hopes to get someone to buy what I have. 

Unfortunately, I was just met with angry rejections or messages that were never replied.

Trying To Be The Best Is Not Enough...

I was trying my best to be different from the rest, but I was stuck in the same old market feeling helpless. For an entire year, my business generated a disappointing sum of $0. 

That $0 in my bank account was so shameful that I hid away from my family and friends, looking like I was generating an income, but I was just another struggling broke coach.

Worst of all, I think my parents knew that I wasn’t making any cash, but they just didn’t say anything about it.

As I couldn’t get the faith of others to work with me, I decided that my last bid would be to invest that faith back into myself. I started going onto Twitter with the sole intention to help just 1 person out, to prove to myself that I could actually do it. 

I spent about 4-5h grinding every single night to connect with others. It wasn’t long before I started attracting a few hundred followers. 100 became 1,000, 10,000 and it just grew. 

Thinking that there was something special here, I hopped onto Instagram to do the same. Only this time, I grew 100,000 followers in a year.

That Was When I Had A Realisation...

Tony Robbins helps about 10,000 people on stage at one time. But with Instagram, I could reach out to 5,000, 10,000 or even 1 million people with just one post. 

So if I had a following of hundreds of thousands, then I can have a similar influence & impact as Tony Robbins himself. That was when I realise that every other coach & consultant working their ass off for their clients can actually have so much greater impact like Tony.

When I started implementing on this realisation & how I could amplify my message, I finally made my first sale from coaching! I finally didn’t have to cold call or message to get clients. They were the ones coming to me.

At that moment, I knew that my true gift wasn’t to help others to live their best life, but to help others to amplify their message so they can help others to live their best life.

So What Was That Realisation I Implemented?

That was to build your Instagram Leverage System. If you’ve got your own leverage to get a greater reach, do you believe that you’ll get more income as well?

You could be 30 years younger than your market leaders yet impact and influence 3x more people. You won’t ever feel a lack of leads because you can get your clients running towards you on demand.

Finally, you’ll get the recognition and impact that you deserve for the work that you place in for your clients.

The biggest concern I kept getting was “I don’t know how to get more clients from Instagram & I don’t want to spend so much time on it”. 

That’s exactly why I developed a system so my clients & I could attract followers, nurture them and convert on demand.

If What I’ve Said So Far Sounds Like What You Want

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Now Is Your Time.

The more you prolong your wait on Instagram, the more flooded the market becomes and harder it is to stand out from the market.

You’ll also lose your chance of an incoming wave as Facebook is currently bridging their audience from Facebook to Instagram. 

Which means you’ll lose out if your target audience are the Millennials or the upcoming Gen Z.

Imagine This...

What will it be like having your own group of followers who love and trust you

They’ll buy what you’re offering to them and if they don’t, they’ll refer you to their best friends. You have more influence and impact than someone who’s in the industry for 10 years because they refuse to adapt on Instagram.

But if you don’t have a system, you might try it by yourself, become lost, confused and burn out like the other 90% of the people in the market. Those are what I call passing brands. They try to make it big by creating a ton of content and do it their way, but they realise that it doesn’t work and give up after wasting 3 months of hard work. 

With our system, it takes just a few hours to create 1 month worth of content and start attracting clients to you. Only if you’re someone who wants to diversify and adapt, go ahead and apply into the accelerator below.
BONUS: When You Book A Call And Show Up, We’ll Even Send You Our Content Playbook Which Is Retailing At $29. This Is Our A-Z Guide To Creating Content On Instagram Even If You’re A Tech Or Graphic Designer Noob.

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After 12 


BONUS: When You Book A Call And Show Up, We’ll Even Send You Our Content Playbook Which Is Retailing At $29. This Is Our A-Z Guide To Creating Content On Instagram Even If You’re A Tech Or Graphic Designer Noob.
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