This Bridging Message Is Perfect If You Are...
Lacking leads
The Bridging Message is one of the strategies that gets us 80% of our clients from Instagram. People think that they're missing out on "converting content". But what they're missing is Phase 1 of the message.
If you dive straight into booking an appointment, you don't really know what to say, or you have a lengthy script you're sending, then you've probably lost prospects. Once our clients used phase 2 and 3, they were able to lead chats to a call without being salesy or awkward.
struggling to convert
Getting ghosted once you send them a message? Don't make the same mistake as 95% of the other coaches & consultants out there. Getting a reply is highly dependable on answering one question in your audience mind.
“I felt like a fish out of the water on Instagram but you gave me a roadmap and moved really quick. Engagement & followers have gone up by 20%. People are joining webinars and opting in, which is a precursor for sales. For those don't want to join webinars, read books, you have a team here filled with the resources you need.”

Generated $43 million in sales As A Speaker & Coach
partnered with russell brunson & Dan kennedy

"If you're looking for a training that's not just the rehash things, but something that is unique, with a fresh perspective that is backed with facts with his own testing, work with Darius & Kayden if you want a hands on and holistic approach. They are both masters at their craft."

Certified Speaking Professional (Top 12% In The World)
Growth Coach Who Helped 100s Of Financial Advisor To Achieve MDRT

"1 week after the class, we closed a $13,000 sale, As long as you follow the system they've created, content is a breeze. What I expected was just another coach, but when they tell you they'll deliver A, they'll deliver A,B,C all the way to Z"

Co-Founder Of DigitaChrome Agency

"After attending the class and executing whatever you've taught, in just 3 days after your class, I 4x of what I've paid to learn from them. I regretted not meeting you earlier if not I will have much more successes right now."

Jovan Poh
Financial Consultant


Market leaders call Darius the "Wiz of Instagram" as he is the go to person when it comes to attracting & scaling on Instagram. Through producing 1000+ pieces of content and reaching out to millions worldwide (even from just one post), he has grown from 0 to 200,000+ followers in just 1.5 years. As a proven Instagram Strategist, he has developed a system to get you known in the market while attracting leads to you without paid ads, cold calling or complicated funnels.

He created the bridging message with 1 sole purpose: to destroy 95% of the "sales messages" on Instagram & make sure your audience converts while still being loved and appreciated.
Brand Changer
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