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5 Instagram Mistakes Financial Planners or Leaders Must Avoid

Couple stacking coins into money bag

This is to all the financial planners and financial leaders that I do not follow on Instagram. And this is collected from all my Instalegacy students and clients who have feedback to me about it. With sincerity, this is from your customers and target audience, we really wish that you stop doing the following and start creating a personal brand that we love.

Mistake 1: Sell, sell, sell

If you’re selling in at least 20% of your posts, you fall into the category of “we really don’t like you and wish that you will stop” by the Instagram community.

When I asked my students and clients how much selling it would take to look like spam, more than 10% suits that category.

Here’s the thing, no one wants to go onto Instagram and social media to be sold. We go onto Instagram because we’re curious about how are others doing and what their life is like.

Humans are curious creatures by nature, and selling to us does not appease our curiosity at all. In fact, it kills it.

When you’re selling, it’s kind of like a boxer throwing a hook at his opponent. But no boxer will constantly throw hooks. Instead, they will throw jabs after jabs before landing a blow for maximum effect.

Take a hard and honest look at the content you’ve been placing out on Instagram. How much of it is actually catered to selling, and how much is catered to giving value?

Once you have a specific answer to that, start giving more advices. One of the way you can share your knowledge is by translating them into infographics like this:

Financial infographics

If you’ll like to know more about creating engaging content, you can read our 8 keys to engaging content article.

Mistake 2: We’re sick of numbers

We honestly don’t want to see the exact numbers of how much you can save for us and hypothetical “if” scenarios. We’re on Instagram to relax and rewind.

Unless someone naturally loves math and numbers, we’re not going to take a liking to the exact insurance coverage we can get or whatever investment policies that you have.

Additionally, we can’t remember what exact numbers you can actually give us as well. So shoving us numbers might seem good to you and it looks like you’re educating us, but we skip through them most of the time. Even if we did read the numbers, we can’t remember it at all.

As much as insurance is about saving and protecting us, using numbers triggers our rationale brain, which is the hardest to reach when we’re relaxing. It backfires by making us feel irritated to see more numbers on a different screen.

Mistake 3: It’s all about insurance

Take a look at the content that you’ve been posting so far, what percentage of them falls under insurance? If 90% is solely on insurance, that will definitely work out great if you’re doing a blog page like mine.

However, when you’re on Instagram or any social media platforms, people don’t just follow you to learn all about insurance. They follow you for YOU.

If I’m not wrong, I’m sure that you don’t just talk about insurance 90% of the time in your life, because that’s not who you are.

People want to know more about you and who you are rather than what benefits you can give them. If you were to join a company, would you only look at the benefits and not who you’re working with or for?

It’s the same principle here. Your audience can’t really form a connection with you if all you talk about is insurance and how great it is.

Mistake 4: Being too pushy

I’ve experienced insurance agents who slide into my direct messages (DM) hoping to chat with me. It’s totally fine if you’re going in with the intent to connect.

However, telling me you want to meet for coffee because you want to connect with an intent to sell me an insurance plan or the opportunity to join your team is a straight up shady tactic. it’s as bad as telling my mother that I’m buying her a cake so that she can buy me a Lamborghini.

Yes, its honestly offensive to people who genuinely thinks that you’re connecting with them because you see them as a friend.

Being too pushy is coming in with the straight up intention to sell. And no one likes getting shove in the face with sales.

Instead of having the focus on sales, lets focus on networking and creating actual relationships on Instagram. After all, that’s the whole point of social media.

Mistake 5: Saying the same thing as everyone else

That seems to work for the other guy, so I shall do the same thing as he did. The truth is modeling works, especially when it’s a strategy or tactic.

However, you need to be mindful of the context. Creating similar content and modeling after someone is just declaring yourself to be the “mini-me” of the other guy.

You can learn from other personal brands, but you should never model to be like personal brands because you lose the whole essence of being personal.

Creating an attractive personal brand starts from the heart of authenticity. When my students and clients are in line with who they truly are, they start to attract the audience that they want.

Instagram is only hard when you don’t have a proven strategy and a clear direction of what to actually do.

If you’re looking to have a clear roadmap to be the new market leader in your industry, click here to start dominating your industry.


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