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Darius Tan is the founder of Legacy Mastery and the host of Live Your Legacy Podcast, which helps entrepreneurs to uncover their message and amplify it across the globe. As a sought after social media expert, he has grown a following of over 250,000 people in 2 years. He is especially known for attracting a profitable following on Instagram without ever spending a dime on ads.

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The biggest mistake why people can’t attract a following isn’t due to the strategies, but the message that doesn’t align with their audience.

Everyone believes that they need an aesthetic website, funnels and ads to build a business. But Darius believes that you start off everything with a message.

He also believes that the only common sense answer to spread your message is through social media.

Eliminate the fear of truly being yourself. Discover why being authentic is the only way you’ll be known.

Darius went through an extremely lost journey of “stripping naked” and losing his identity as he tried to make himself known. But the solution isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It’s a lot more about self-discovery than anything else. But once you make the connection between your identity and why people will love you, you become an attractive force.

Darius regretted spending over 5 figures to just learn from other experts in the market. But it did play a part in him experimenting almost every strategy in the market, which allowed him to build a following of over 150k in a year from Instagram.

Up till now, he’s on a continuous journey of testing new strategies so that pages can grow at an exponential rate. P.S. He also got banned from Facebook after growth hacking it way too much.

Sell on Instagram without being sleazy, manipulative or pushy. Darius used to hate selling to people.

It feels awkward, unnatural and the transition from teaching to selling is absolutely the most awkward conversation he’ll have with followers.

As he was a huge fan of systems and structure, he decided to systemise lead generation and sales into one that consistently gets him leads on a daily basis.

If you’re struggling on Instagram or you’re unsure of how to start, this quiz will identify your hurdle and provide you a customised solution to grow a profitable following on Instagram.